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“Communicating Risk: DDT Past & Present”, Mikal Meyer, Editor, Distillations Magazine

In our quest to bring you interesting virtual experiences during this Covid pandemic, we have planned a wonderful talk on Thursday, October 1, 2020 at noon via Zoom.

Michal Meyer is the editor of Distillations Magazine at the Science History Institute, and she will be giving a talk on DDT entitled “Communicating Risk: DDT Past & Present”. She will give a 30 minute talk and can then take questions. Her talk includes many images from the Science History Institute’s collections and tells the story of DDT.

If you would like to attend the Zoom meeting, please go to this link:

The link takes you to the RSVP page, where you can register to attend. Once registered, you will be given the meeting link and an opportunity to add it to your calendar. You will also receive an email confirmation with the video meeting link.

Here is Dr. Meyer’s biography and abstract:

Biography: Michal Meyer grew up in Israel, Australia and New Zealand. As an undergraduate she studied physics and then joined the New Zealand Meteorological Service as a weather forecaster. Forecasting was followed by a stint in journalism, which was followed by a PhD in the history of science and then a job as editor of Distillations magazine at the Science History Institute in Philadelphia.

Abstract: There are many people today who understand DDT in one dimensional terms, who, if they think about it, view it as the chemical essence of evil, a stand in for all that has been problematic with our relationship with the natural world. However, DDT has had a three dimensional past, one that involves scientists, advertisers, mothers, gardeners, and others. I will be exploring how risk was understood by these different groups from the creation of DDT as an insecticide to its banning via the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.


National Chemistry Week Virtual Events
Cohosted by SCALACS and AIAA
October 18-24, 2020

Each night of NCW, we have virtual talks from leading chemists, as well as events all day on Saturday, October 24th. We still have some open spots if you’d like to give a talk or participate in a panel discussion. We hope you’ll join us for these great online activities:

1) Oct 19, 2020, Monday: 5-6 pm Talk
Dr. Ian S. Haworth
, Associate Professor & Vice Chair, Department of Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California
“Chemical aspects of oral drug delivery, and particularly how chemical principles are applied in understanding of ADME properties of drugs and in new drug design”

2) Oct 20, 2020, Tuesday 5-6 pm Talk
Volunteer needed

3) Oct 21, 2020, Wednesday 5-6 pm Talk
Dorothy Pan
, resident physician at Keck Hospital and LA County Hospital with the USC Caruso Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, training to be a surgeon-scientist advancing therapies or and treating disorders of the ears, nose, and throat. “Nanoparticle Drug Delivery: History and Future Developments”

4) Oct 22, 2020, Thursday 5-6 pm Talk
Prof. Surya G. K. Prakash
, Director of Loker Hydrocarbon Research, Institute and Chair of the Department of Chemistry at USC

5) Oct 23, 2020, Friday 5-6 pm Talk
Volunteer needed

6) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday 10-11 pm Talk
Jessica Weber, Ph.D.
, JPL Postdoctoral Fellow, Origins and Habitability Lab
“Mineral organic interactions and prebiotic chemistry”

7) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday 11-12 pm Panel Discussion
“Women for Chemistry and STEM Careers”

A) Jessica Weber (JPL)
B) Maggie Fox (PhD student at UCLA)
C) Dorothy Pan (Keck Hospital and LA County Hospital)
D) Khushbu Patel (Relativity Space)
Volunteer needed

8) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday 12-1 pm Panel Discussion
Young Professionals for Chemistry and STEM Career

A) Ryan Casey (Chaminade College Preparatory)
B) Dr. Ian S. Haworth (USC)
Volunteers needed

9) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday 1-2 pm STEM Resume Workshop
A) Fred Lawler (Raytheon)
Need Volunteers

10) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday: 2-3 pm Talk
Daniella Duran
, Honors Nanoscience and Chemistry Teacher- Valencia High School, Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Club Advisor, Teacher Facilitator/PD provider- UCLA Nanoscience Program

STEM Talk: Building partnerships, providing meaningful research experiences for students, and promoting diversity in STEM by leveraging technology and human resources.

11) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday 3-4 pm Talk
Volunteers needed