Networking and Resources

It’s easy to network with your ACS chemistry colleagues — in person, or on-line.

We offer traditional face-to-face opportunities in the way of Section Meetings (dinner meetings, tours, pizza nights, Science Cafes), Community Outreach Activities, and Continuing Education. These opportunities are always announced in our Meetings and Events section of this website.

We have an on-line community group in the ACS Member Network called the Southern California local section. The goal of this Group is to create a stronger community of chemists in Southern California and to facilitate professional and social networking. To join this group, you need to join the ACS Member Network. In addition to LinkedIn, the ACS Member Network is similar in the way you can post your professional history, promote your expertise, and collect connections to other professionals. The ACS Member Network is also similar to FaceBook and CollectiveX in the way you can belong to special interest groups and participate in discussions and collaborate with colleagues. Join the ACS Member Network to

  • Create and build your personal network of scientists.
  • Highlight your professional profile, publications, and citations.
  • Find and connect with colleagues.
  • Participate in a discussion forum.
  • Collaborate and share documents online.
  • Participate in the Southern California local section on-line group.

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