Chemistry Teacher Resources

ACS Website:

The American Chemical Society (ACS) has posted many downloadable resources for teachers and students alike.
URL for Teachers:
URL for Students:

K-12 Websites:

The ACS American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) is the first national organization for K-12 chemistry teachers. URL:


->Members-only chemistry teaching resources, including lesson plans, multimedia
->Peer-reviewed online periodical, ChemistrySolutions where members can publish
->Subscription to ChemMatters, an education magazine by ACS
->Community of teachers, blogs, webinars
->Coaches program, mentoring for chemistry teachers
->Supported by ACS and Dow Chemical as the first founding member.

The Chemical Education Exchange:

High School Chemistry Teacher’s Meeting (usually held in October at Occidental College):

Mathmol, K-12 activities: – Where Girls and Math Intersect:

California K-12 Science Content Standards:

Chalkboard 11

Chalkboard 12

Chemistry Shorts:


Molecular Visualization: