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Administrative Office (to advertise in SCALACS magazine, accounts payable/receivable, address changes, event reservations, snail mail, deliveries, and for referrals for questions not answered on this website):

2700 E Foothill Blvd, Suite 209
Pasadena, CA 91107
(310) 327-1216
Send a message to the Section Administrator at the SCALACS Office

You may contact the Committee Members via the Administrative Office (above), or parse their real email address from the list below. Contact the Chair and Chair-Elect to volunteer to help us, to suggest program ideas, and for constructive comments about The Section. To find out who is the chair of a committee, locate committee chairs via this link then come back to this page to get their email address.

Editor (for editorial content or comments about SCALACS magazine): editor-at-scalacs-dot-org

Webmaster (for constructive comments or technical questions about this website): send a message to the SCALACS webmaster

Board of Directors:

Executive Committee:

  • Alexandra Aloia: aloia-at-usc-dot-edu
  • Derek Marin: derekmarin77-at-gmail-dot-com
  • Edye Udell: eudell-at-westridge-dot-org
  • Laurie Barge: laura-dot-m-dot-barg-at-jpl-dot-nasa-dot-gov or laurie-dot-barge-at-gmail-dot-com
  • Inessa Bychinskaya: inessa-dot-bychinskaya-at-gmail-dot-com
  • Richard Kidd: richard-dot-d-dot-kidd-at-jpl-dot-nasa-dot-gov
  • Laxman Gurung
  • Jake Rosener
  • Katherine Van Huevelen


  • Dr. Veronica Jaramillo: vijaramillo-at-pasadena-dot-edu
  • Barbara Sitzman: sitzman-at-usc-dot-edu
  • Dr. Brian Brady: brian-dot-b-dot-brady-at-aero-dot-org
  • Dr. Alexandros Oxyzolou: OxyzolA-at-piercecollege-dot-edu
  • Eleanor Siebert
  • Bob de Groot

Alternate Councilors:

  • Dr. Krishna Kallury: kkallury-at-socal-dot-rr-dot-com
  • Dr. Sofia Pappatheordorou: sofia-at-csudh-dot-edu
  • Gerald Delker: delker-at-earthlink-dot-net
  • Miklos Czaun: miklosczaun-at-hotmail-dot-com
  • Barbara Belmont
  • Michael Morgan