1995 Richard Schwartz, Torrance High School

Photobucket1995 Outstanding High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year
Richard Schwartz, Torrance High School

Our nominee for Outstanding High School Teacher and winner of the Southern California Award for the academic year, Richard Schwartz of Torrance High school, has been chosen as the Outstanding High School Chemistry Teacher for the ACS Western Region. He will receive a certificate of commendation from the ACS, a $1,000 prize, and will be eligible starting next year for the National ACS award in high school teaching, the James Bryant Conant Award.

Schwartz has been teaching chemistry and physics at Torrance High since 1970. He has also taught physical science and earth science in the Teacher Retraining Institute at CSU Dominguez Hills for two summers and in special science programs designed for middle school students at both the California Museum of Science and Industry and at CSUDH.

Rick has also been involved in research, participating for the past two summers in the Partners in Science Program at the University of Southern California. These geo-chemical studies have resulted in presentations at professional meetings and in several publications. Rick has been active in several professional organizations over the years. Most recently, he is serving as Southern Regional President of the California Association of Chemistry Teachers.

Rick is a dedicated and inspiring teacher for both the gifted and the average students. He has guided students to participate in science fairs, in the NSF Young Scholars Program and in the Space Shuttle Experimental Design Contest, among others. He was one of five teachers in the U. S. selected to accompany students in a six-week research trip to Antarctica. He is known for his excellence in teacher, for his ability to inspire and mentor future scientists, and for his commitment to scientific knowledge.

– Sofia Pappatheodorou
Chairperson, SCALACS Committee on Education