1995 Norman J. Juster

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Norman Juster, Recipient of the
1995 Agnes Ann Green Award for Distinguished Service

The 1995 Agnes Ann Green Award for Distinguished Service to the Section has been awarded to Norman Juster. Norm is a former professor of chemistry at UCLA and his services to the Section are legion. Norm is the elder statesman of the Section, antedating most members of the Executive Committee. Norm has been chair of many committees of the Section. He has served the Section as membership Chair, Nominations and Elections, the old Finance Committee, and the Education Committee. Norm was the editor of SCALACS for six critical years, ensuring it was published on time, a criterion that more recent editors know is challenging. Norm also served as Section Chair in 1989. Outside of the Executive Committee, members will know Norm for his puzzles that have been a regular feature of SCALACS.

The Section takes pleasure in making this award to Norman Juster, a truly outstanding and deserving member of the Southern California Section of ACS. The Section has designated the October Dinner Meeting as the one honoring Norm.