1997 Herbert D. Kaesz

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Dr. Herbert D. Kaesz
Recipient of the 1997 Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award

Herbert D. Kaesz, UCLA Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, is the 1997 recipient of the Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award (of the Southern California Section, American Chemical Society). Dr. Kaesz has not only participated actively in meetings of the Executive Committee, but has been an active member of the ACS Council at nearly every national meeting for the last 20 years.

Dr. Kaesz, a 42 year member of the ACS, represented our section by serving from 1985 to 1993 on the national ACS Committee on Professional Training, which he chaired from 1993-94. His other such services at the national level include: Committee on Nominations and Elections (1985-90; Chair 1990; Vice Chair 1989), Committee on Membership Affairs–Committee Associate 1990, Council Policy Committee 1990, Committee on Science (1981-84; Chair 1982-84); Experimental Science Commission 1978-80, Professional Programs Planning and Coordinating Committee 1993, Associate Editor of Inorganic History 1968 to date, Advisory Board for Advances in Chemistry Series 1982-85, Advisory Board for Chemical Reviews 1968-70, and many others. Dr. Kaesz was Chair of the Division of Inorganic Chemistry in 1981 and Chair-Elect the preceding year.

He has demonstrated continued interest, expertise and devotion toward chemical education. He has been active in obtaining the Telecourses (satellite) and other minicourses for the benefit of our members, and has also furthered the activities of the Alliance. He has assisted the L.A. Schools in many ways. In past years, he was also a contributor to updating and improving the teaching of chemistry at the high schools. He has been a fervent supporter of our Update Conferences as well and has been a leader of the Annual *Road Show* of special interest now to the Younger Chemists.

Dr. Kaesz was the recipient of the 1980 Tolman Award of the Southern California Section, and served as Chair of our section in 1987. As Chair-Elect, he was Program Chair for the preceding year and has served our section in many other capacities, including Award Committee Chair (1975-79), Nominations Committee Chair (1979), Program Chair for the Pacific Conference on Chemistry and Spectroscopy (1975).

Herb has been recognized for awards nationally and internationally. He has served on the Gordon Research Conference Council and as Chair of several Gordon Research Conferences. He has chaired the California Scientist of the Year Selection Committee on which he served for a number of years. Most recently, he served on the IUPAC Commission on Inorganic Nomenclature.

Professor Herbert D. Kaesz serves our section with distinction and we are pleased to recognize him with the Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award.

Congratulations Herb!