2022 Event Archives

2022-12-7: Students trip to Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach (organized by Ms. Nancy Brown, Science Faculty, California Academy Math and Science High School, Carson)

2022-11-14: Students trip to Natural History Museum, L.A. (organized by Dr. Edye Udell, Westridge School)

2022-11-5: Graduate & Undergraduate Research Symposium, Caltech

2022-11-3: Students trip to California Science Center, L.A. (organized by Dr. Edye Udell, Westridge School)

2022-6-7: Tolman Award Dinner – Professor Donald R. Blake

2022-5-17: Virtual Seminar by Dr. Pamela Leggett-Robinson, PhD, CAPM

2022-4-22: Earth Day Virtual Seminar by Urvashi Saxena, Collins Aerospace

2022-3-16 & 17: High School Chemistry Olympiad

2022-3-17: International Women’s Day Virtual Seminar by Professor Jenny Y. Yang

2022-3-7: Virtual Seminar by Dr. Arieh Warshel, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, USC