1999 Peter Baine

Norm Juster and Peter Baine photo PeterBaineNormJuster.jpg

Dr. Peter Baine
1999 Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award Recipient (pictured with Norm Juster)

Dr. Baine’s contributions to the Southern California Section go back to the early 70’s. During the years since, he has been involved in committee work and the governance structure in a number of important ways. In 1973, he was appointed to the Committee on Chemical Education, and in 1974, he chaired the High School Contest Committee. In 1978, he was elected a member of the Executive Committee. His committee work was noted for its excellence and for Peter’s quiet modesty. He served as Secretary for the Section in 1981. The Section elected him Alternate Councilor in 1987, and later in 1992, full Councilor.

As Chair-Elect in 1992, Dr. Baine served as Chair of the Program Committee. In 1993, he became Chair of the Section for a notable year during which the Section hosted the Western Regional Meeting of the ACS and the Conference in Chemistry and Spectroscopy.

In addition to his local Section work, Dr. Baine has been active in ACS affairs at the regional and national levels. He has been involved in the planning of every Western Regional Meeting our Section has hosted since 1983. He was General Chair for two Western Regional Meetings and was Program Chair for two other Meetings.

At the national level, Dr. Baine’s involvement began in 1992 when he was elected Councilor. He has been re-elected as Councilor thereafter. He served many years, representing the Southern California Section at the National Meetings. During this time, he served six years on the National Council’s Committee on Meetings and Expositions, a very hard-working committee which requires significant time commitment. Also, last year, he was appointed to the national Committee on Local Section Affairs. With all this, he has maintained regular attendance at Southern California Section Executive Committee and Board Meetings.

Dr. Peter Baine obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Salford, England and his Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of California Santa Barbara. He joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University, Long Beach in 1968. His research and publications have been in the area of NMR Spectroscopy.

Dr. Baine’s more than a quarter-century of involvement and achievement in ACS at all levels – local, regional and national – certainly qualifies him for this special recognition.