2020-10-18 to 24: National Chemistry Week Virtual Events

National Chemistry Week Virtual Events
Cohosted by SCALACS and AIAA
October 18-24, 2020

Happy Chemistry Week! This year’s theme is “Sticking With Chemistry”. Each night of NCW, we have virtual talks from leading chemists, as well as events all day on Saturday, October 24th. We hope you’ll join us for these great online activities. To sign up, please go to Registration link

Zoom Links:

(10/19) https://aiaa.zoom.us/j/92410439692?pwd=aHVSa05wTjVkbWNpUlRJVDdMTlJwQT09
(10/20) https://aiaa.zoom.us/j/97060112544?pwd=QjN6dkxDUkx0czNxcnJQTExibDgyQT09
(10/21) https://aiaa.zoom.us/j/98223893082?pwd=dE15VnM2ZndFTWU0bTMvckN6SnBoUT09
(10/22) https://aiaa.zoom.us/j/98475561024?pwd=eDgzaTJQRE5TYnF6cFBCYnlWOGRvdz09
(10/23) https://aiaa.zoom.us/j/93027384283?pwd=Umh6NzNhWFV0UW1rM2hSRUdnb3Rudz09
(10/24) https://aiaa.zoom.us/j/91673415165?pwd=R0VLMW5BNzdjWUtSWnBIZnVjaE1FQT09

National Chemistry Week Events: (All Pacific Time)

1) Oct 19, 2020, Monday: 5-6 pm Talk
Dr. Ian S. Haworth
, Associate Professor & Vice Chair, Department of Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California
“Chemistry in Drug Design and Delivery: Use of Chemical Principles to Make Better Drugs”

2) Oct 20, 2020, Tuesday 5-6 pm Talk
Dr. Krishna Kallury, Ph.D.

“Ingredients for Life – Chemistry of Healthy Foods”

3) Oct 21, 2020, Wednesday 5-6 pm Talk
Dorothy Pan
, resident physician at Keck Hospital and LA County Hospital with the USC Caruso Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, training to be a surgeon-scientist advancing therapies for and treating disorders of the ears, nose, and throat.
“Nanoparticle Drug Delivery: History and Future Developments”

4) Oct 22, 2020, Thursday 5-6 pm Talk
Professor G. K. Surya Prakash,
Director of Loker Hydrocarbon Research, Institute and Chair of the Department of Chemistry at USC
“Long Term Sustainability through Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion: The Methanol Economy”

5) Oct 23, 2020, Friday 5-6 pm Talk
Brenda Eap
, Ph.D. Student, USC
“Ketone bodies in aging”

6) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday 10 am -11 am Talk
Jessica Weber
, Ph.D., JPL Postdoctoral Fellow (3227), Origins and Habitability Lab
“Mineral organic interactions and prebiotic chemistry”

7) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday 11 am -12 pm Panel Discussion
“Women for Chemistry and STEM career”

A) Jessica Weber (JPL)
B) Maggie Fox (PhD student at UCLA)
C) Dorothy Pan (Keck Hospital and LA County Hospital)
D) Khushbu Patel (Relativity Space)
E) Brenda Eap (USC)
F) Dr. Kristeen Pareja-Navarro (Tracy Lab)

8) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday 12-1 pm Panel Discussion
YP young professionals for Chemistry and STEM Career

A) Ryan Casey (Chaminade College Preparatory)
B) Dr. Ian S. Haworth (USC)
Volunteers needed

9) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday 1-2 pm STEM
Inspiring African American and Minorities to pursue STEM
Tyrone Jacobs Jr.
(Northrop Grumman)

10) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday: 2-3 pm Talk
Daniella Duran

Honors Nanoscience and Chemistry Teacher- Valencia High School, Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Club Advisor, Teacher Facilitator/ PD provider- UCLA Nanoscience Program

STEM talk: Building partnerships, providing meaningful research experiences for students, and promoting diversity in STEM by leveraging technology and human resources

11) Oct 24, 2020, Saturday 3-4 pm Talk
Marty Waldman
BD & Intellectual Property Director / Space Systems Architect for Space Information Labs (SIL)
“How to leverage your life experience into starting a business”

Dr. Ian Haworth is an Associate Professor and Vice Chair in the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences at USC. He received his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of Liverpool, UK, and then spent three years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Oxford, UK, before joining USC in 1992. His research work lies at the interfaces of chemistry, biochemistry, and computational prediction of molecular structure. This work involves development and utilization of algorithms for prediction of drug-protein molecular interactions and simulation of ADME properties of drugs. Dr. Haworth’s laboratory has published about 100 scientific articles on this work. Current projects include examining the relationship of affinity with solvation at drug-protein interfaces; prediction of ionic solubility for utilization in ADME models for prediction of drug delivery; and use of molecular informatics in prediction of peptide delivery. Dr. Haworth also has a major role in teaching of medicinal chemistry and biopharmaceutics in the Pharm.D., Ph.D. and Masters programs at USC, and he has lectured and taught courses on this content worldwide. He is also currently Co-Director of the International Summer Program in the USC School of Pharmacy. Dr. Haworth has utilized problem-based learning and active learning in teaching of Pharm.D. science courses for many years, and he has published and presented widely on these educational approaches. Dr. Haworth is also interested in utilization of computational methods in evaluation of educational outcomes, including new approaches to curriculum mapping and assessment.

Dr. Krishna Kallury obtained his Ph.D. from Osmania University, India, at the age of 22. He served as Assistant and Associate Professor at the same University for 10 years and produced several Ph.D. students. He did post-doctoral work at University of Adelaide, Australia; University of London, London, U.K. and University of Toronto, Canada where he also taught undergraduate courses and supervised graduate students. After over 20 years of teaching/research at academic institutions, Dr. Kallury switched to the industrial sector and served as R&D Manager, Applications Manager and Project Scientist at Supelco, Varian/Agilent, Phenomenex and BioScreen Testing/Analytical Services, respectively, before retiring a couple of years ago. He published over 100 research papers in peer reviewed journals, written several book chapters and holds six U.S. and International patents. He is an Executive Committee member of SCALACS since 2015 and served as its Chair during 2019.

Professor G. K. Surya Prakash was born in 1953 in Bangalore, India. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry from the Bangalore University and a M.Sc. from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. He obtained his Ph. D. in chemistry under the tutelage of late Professor Olah (1994 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) at the University of Southern California (USC) in 1978. He joined USC faculty in 1981 and is currently a Professor and Director holding the Olah Nobel Laureate Chair in Hydrocarbon Chemistry at the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute. He also serves as the Chairman of the Chemistry Department at USC. His research encompasses superacid, hydrocarbon, synthetic organic, organosilicon and organofluorine chemistry, with particular emphasis in the areas of energy, greenhouse gas abatement and catalysis. He is a Co-Proponent of the Methanol Economy Concept based on carbon dioxide capture and recycling. He co-invented the direct oxidation methanol fuel cell. He has trained more than 130 doctoral and post-doctoral scholars. He is a prolific author with > 815 peer-reviewed publications holding > 100 patents. He has published 14 books. He has received many awards and recognitions including the American Chemical Society Awards: the 2004 Creative Work in Fluorine Chemistry, the 2006 George A. Olah Award in Hydrocarbon or Petroleum Chemistry, the 2006 Richard C. Tolman Award (from the Southern California section of the American Chemical Society) and the 2018 Late Career Cope Scholar Award. He has also received the 2007 Distinguished Alumni Award from his alma mater, IIT- Madras and the 2010 CRSI Medal from the Chemical Research Society of India. He has co-shared with the late Professor Olah, the inaugural $1 Million the 2013 Eric and Sheila Samson Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation by the State of Israel. In 2015, he won the Henri Moissan International Prize for excellence in Fluorine Chemistry. He is a Fellow of the AAAS, a Member of the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities, a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences, Foreign Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, India and a Fellow of the American Chemical Society. He also sits on Editorial Boards of several International Journals. Professor Prakash’s book, co-authored with G. A. Olah and A. Goeppert, “Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy” (Wiley-VCH, 2006 and 2nd Edition, 2009, 3rd Expanded Edition 2018, translated into Chinese, Hungarian, Japanese, Swedish and Russian) is getting worldwide attention.

Dorothy Pan is a resident physician at Keck Hospital and LA County Hospital with the USC Caruso Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, training to be a surgeon-scientist advancing therapies for and treating disorders of the ears, nose, and throat. She completed the USC-Caltech MD/PhD program in 2018 when she earned her MD from the University of Southern California. Dorothy defended her PhD in Chemistry in 2016 at Caltech, where she worked with Mark E. Davis creating nanoparticles for targeted cancer therapy. She embarked on her journey to become a physician scientist when she received her Bachelor of Science with Honors in Chemistry from Stanford University and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa in 2010. In her free time Dorothy enjoys hiking and running ultramarathon distances, often bringing her flute for music-making on mountain summits.

Brenda Eap completed her B.S. in Biochemistry with a minor in Forensic Science at California State University, Los Angeles in 2017. She is now pursuing her Ph.D. in the Biology of Aging Program with the University of Southern California (USC) and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. She is working under Dr. John Newman, studying the roles of ketone bodies and ketone esters as regulators in aging.

Tyrone Jacobs, Jr., 26 years old, was born in Chicago, IL. He is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Tyrone strives to become the best speaker, engineer, leader, man, and person that he can be. His mission is to give hope to the hopeless. He aims to show people that, regardless of their past circumstances and environment, that, they can become successful and accomplish their wildest goals and dreams.

Maggie Fox is currently a 3rd year Ph.D. student in Materials Science and Engineering at UCLA researching 2.5D batteries and energy-efficient materials. She received her B.S. in Materials Chemistry from SUNY Binghamton in 2018. While there she did research abroad in Grenoble, France as a visiting research assistant through the LSAMP iREU program. Outside of the lab, Maggie works on several STEM education initiatives, serves as a Mentorship Coordinator for the Society of Women Engineers Graduate Leadership Team, is an avid baseball fan, and is training for her next marathon!

Khushbu Patel is the Avionics HITL Engineer at Relativity Space | STEM Chair at AIAA Los Angeles/ Las Vegas Chapter. She waas Avionics Simulations Engineer in Virgin Orbit and GN&C Intern in Odyssey Space Research, LLC. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) from Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kbupatel/

Dr. Pareja-Navarro is originally from Los Baños Laguna, Philippines. She emigrated to the U.S. in 2001 at the age of 15 and attended Richmond High School in California. She then earned her BS Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UC Davis and her PhD in Pharmacology from Cornell University. Prior to attending graduate school, she worked in several research labs including Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Novozymes and Touro University. As a graduate student in the Sevier lab, she studied chaperone proteins involved in oxidative stress signaling. She joined the Tracy lab in December 2019 where she is currently investigating the role of toxic tau oligomers in Alzheimer’s disease-related synapse dysfunction and deterioration.