2020-08-01: E-Town Hall Meeting: No-Cost Solution to Climate Change

e-Town Hall Meeting, August 1, 2020, 10 AM

The No-Cost Solution to Climate Change
by Guest Speaker:
Dr. James A. Martin
Boeing – retired
AIAA Space Propulsion Steering Committee

10:05 AM Welcome (Dr. Chandrashekhar Sonwane (AIAA LA LV))
10:10 AM Welcome (Dr. Brian Brady (SCALACS))
10:15 AM The No-Cost Solution to Climate Change (Dr. James Martin)
11:30 AM (TBD)
12:45 PM Adjourn

Biography: Dr. Martin holds degrees from West Virginia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and George Washington University. He has worked at the NASA Langley Research Center, The University of Alabama, and Boeing. His work has mostly involved the design and evaluation of reusable launch vehicles and in-space propulsion.

Dr. Martin retired from Boeing when the launch vehicle business was sold. He served as an Associate Editor for AIAA J. Spacecraft and Rockets for 30 years. He continues to be active in aerospace doing consulting, on the Space Propulsion Steering Committee, and in the local AIAA Orange County Section Council. He is active with the Citizen’s Climate Lobby.

The No-Cost Solution to Climate Change:
The presentation will show the early history of temperature and carbon dioxide on Earth. It will show the real cause of climate change and how the nation can reduce climate change while stimulating the economy, protecting the poor, and pushing other nations to do the same.

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