1990 Stanley Pine

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1990 Recipient of the Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Stanley Pine

Stanley H. Pine has an outstanding record of service which has continually benefited the Southern California Section of the American Chemical Society for over 20 years and which will benefit the Section for many years to come. His active participation in local section affairs began with his membership on the Safety Committee in 1966, although he joined the local section in 1957, some 33 years ago. He served as Chairman of the Section in 1982, has been the Treasurer of the Section since 1983, a Councilor since 1983, and he has guided the revision of the Section’s Bylaws through lengthy discussions to final approval in 1988.

His regular budget summaries at the monthly Executive Committee meetings and Board of Directors have guided those groups in making fiscal decisions for the Section that have been sound and prudent. He has attended almost every Executive Committee and Board of Directors meeting for the past ten years and has always contributed time for other Section activities. In particular, he and Mrs. Pine headed the Hospitality Committee for the Section during the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society held in Los Angeles in 1988. Not only did he contribute a tremendous amount of time and effort in the organization of the committee, he was in attendance at the Hospitality Booth every day of the meeting.

Stan has been a member, since 1982, of the Council Committee on Chemical Safety and chaired the Committee from 1986-89. He recently was the recipient of the ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety’s “1990 Chemical Health and Safety Award”. He was the initial chairman of the ACS Task Force on RCRA dealing with hazardous waste management in laboratories and is still on the committee. He has also been active in the Division of Chemical Education and a member of the Council Committee on Chemical Education since 1985. Stan also actively participated in the organization and financial guidance of several of the Pacific Conferences held in Southern California in cooperation with the Society for Applied Spectroscopy.

He has been instrumental in the success of the Update Conferences held annually in cooperation with the California Association of Chemistry Teachers, often participating in the programs to bring teachers up-to-date on Chemical Safety in the Laboratory. He helped to re-initiate the Section’s Employment Bulletin and the Student Affiliate Research Conference. He is an outstanding example of a person who has given dedicated service tot he Local Section. We are very fortunate to have someone of his caliber as a member of the Section.

– Sandra I. Lamb, Chair
Agnes Ann Green Service Award Committee