1989 Arthur W. Adamson

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1989 Recipient of the Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Arthur W. Adamson

Dr. Arthur W. Adamson, Emeritus Professor, University of Southern California, has been selected as the 1989 recipient of “The Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award” for his outstanding record of continuous service and major contributions to the Southern California Section and National ACS.

Dr. Adamson is well known in the Southern California Section for his many contributions and services over the past several decades, including Chairman (’64); Executive Committee Member (’62, ’66-’68, ’78-’80); H. S. Contest Chair (’59, ’62, ’65); Chairman, Nominations Committee (’65); Councilor (’65-’81). In addition, he received the Richard C. Tolman Award (1967).

At the national level, he was nominated for President-Elect and served on the Council Committee on Nominations and Elections, Publications Committee, the Editorial Board of the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, the Advisory Board of the Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data. In addition, he is the founding editor of Langmuir, the first entirely new ACS journal in the past 15 years. He has also been the recipient of the Kendall Award in Colloid or Surface Chemistry (’79), the Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry Award (’82), and the Chemical Education Award (’84).

The 1989 Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr. Arthur Adamson at the Joint Southern California and Orange County Sections’ Meeting, October 18, 1989, during the 1989 Pacific Conference at the Pasadena Hilton.

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Dr. Agnes Ann Green, first recipient of the Section’s Distinguished Service Award in 1988, was further honored by the members of the Executive Committee in permanently naming this prestigious award, “The Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award”. Pictured above: Dr. Arthur W. Adamson, first recipient of the “Green Award”, is personally honored with the award for 1989 by Dr. Green.