1993 Sandra Lamb

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Sandra I. Lamb
1993 Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Dr. Sandra I. Lamb is the 1993 recipient of the Agnes Ann Green Award for outstanding service to the Southern California Section ACS.

Dr. Lamb has been a member of the American Chemical Society for nearly forty years. She has been an active participant and leader in Southern California Section activities for the past decade.

As Program Chair, Dr. Lamb provided a host of programs which include company/plant tours as well as dinner speakers. It was during her tenure as Section Chair that the National ACS Meeting was held in Los Angeles. She assembled an outstanding committee and worked closely with them and National ACS to ensure that the meeting ran smoothly. As Councilor, Dr. Lamb represents the needs and welfare of members of the Southern California Section to the National ACS. She regularly attends Executive Committee meetings where those needs are expressed.

Dr. Lamb chaired the National Chemistry Week activities from 1988-91. Some of these activities included closely working with the California Museum of Science and Industry. For example, in 1988 she organized a day of demonstrations, posters, etc. which over 200 students, many from the inner city, attended. Dr. Lamb has been involved in National Chemistry Week activities because she wants to encourage young people to study chemistry. Among her other activities, she was responsible for organizing the Undergraduate Research Conference when it was held at UCLA in 1989. She has presented several times at the Southern California ACS Update Conference for Chemistry Instructors, and currently serves as Faculty Advisor for the UCLA Student Affiliates chapter.

Another aspect of Dr. Lamb’s interests is chemical information and the computer technology used to disseminate information. She is a member of the Committee on Education of the Division of Chemical Information and is a member of the ACS Committee on Copyrights.

Dr. Lamb’s contributions are summarized in her nomination letters as follows: “Dr. Sandra Lamb expresses appreciation for what chemistry has meant to her by projecting her energy, enthusiasm and considerable expertise into projects which have benefited the Southern California Section and its members for over a decade–and she foresees continued service for more years to come.”

– Rita R. Boggs, Chair
Distinguished Service Award Committee