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NCW Virtual Seminar - Urvashi Saxena

October 23, 2023

oct 23 webinar-urvashi

AI and Green Chemistry: Crafting a Sustainable Tomorrow

4:45-5:45 pm on Tuesday, 10.23.2023

Seminar by Ms. Urvashi Saxena


Thank you to Glendy Ramirez, Science Research Coordinator, and Michael Morgan, Honors and Advanced Placement Chemistry Teacher, at Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet School for broadcasting this seminar to all their high school students.



The seminar will explore the emerging role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advancing sustainability across diverse sectors. Core discussions will spotlight how AI-powered predictive analytics, smart grids, and precision agriculture are pivotal in augmenting resource efficiency and minimizing waste. The session will unveil case studies, demonstrating the tangible impact of AI within the domain of green chemistry. Moreover, the seminar will delve into AI's potential in climate change mitigation through sophisticated modeling and monitoring techniques. The conversation will broaden to include the ideation of eco-friendly AI and its capacity to nurture a circular economy. By weaving together real-world case studies and forward-looking perspectives, the seminar endeavors to illuminate the transformative potential of melding AI with green chemistry in ushering in a sustainable future.


Bio: Urvashi Saxena

Urvashi is a dynamic product leader and engineer in the tech industry, driven by her passion to create customer-centric, innovative software, data products, and services. She holds a BS in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology and an MS in Data Analytics Engineering from George Mason University. During her tenure at Collins Aerospace, Urvashi garnered invaluable experience in product development for both Military and Commercial Aviation sectors.


Having grown up in India and the United States, Urvashi has not only developed a diverse taste palette but also gained a profound appreciation for diverse perspectives. This global exposure has enriched her professional outlook and personal experiences. When she's not working, Urvashi relishes in her favorite activities: cooking, reading, and continuously learning new things.


A strong advocate for gender equity in STEM, she's devoted to inspiring young women to explore STEM fields, especially the rapidly growing AI/ML domain. Urvashi actively engages in initiatives like "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" and champions DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) endeavors within her organization.


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