Roster of Elected Leaders

Board of Directors:
CHAIR: Michael Morgan
CHAIR-ELECT: Armando Rivera
IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR: Veronica Jaramillo
MEMBERS AT LARGE: Alexander Alschuler, April Jewell and Bruce Weiller

Executive Committee Members at Large:

Alexander Alschuler (1/2014-12/2016)
April Jewell (1/2014-12/2016)
Bruce Weiller (1/2014-12/2016)
Gary Arevalo (1/2015-12/2017)
Krishna Kallury (1/2015-12/2017)
Ron Weiner (1/2015-12/2017)
Derek Marin (1/2016-12/2018)
Thomas Mathew (1/2016-12/2018)
Heather Mott (1/2016-12/2018)


Rita Boggs (1/2014-12/2016)
Barbara Sitzman (1/2014-12/2016)
Brian Brady (1/2015-12/2017)
Virgil Lee (1/2015-12/2017)
Robert de Groot (1/2016-12/2018)
Eleanor Siebert (1/2016-12/2018)

Alternate Councilors:

Joe Khoury (1/2016-12/2016)
Sofia Pappatheodorou (1/2014-12/2016)
Henry Abrash (1/2015-12/2017)
Deborah Bennett (1/2016-12/2017)
Veronica Jaramillo (1/2016-12/2018)
Thomas LeBon (1/2016-12/2018)

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