2016-07-22: Tour of the Molecular Imaging Center at USC

The July 22nd date is full, so we’ve added two dates for the tour – Wednesday, August 3rd and Friday, August 5th. If you’re interested in attending, please let me know!

See Modern Chemistry at Work!
Tour the Molecular Imaging Center at USC

Friday, July 22nd, 2016
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Molecular Imaging Center
Keck School of Medicine

2250 Alcazar St CSC 103
Los Angeles, California, 90033

Including a short talk by Dr. Ronald E. Weiner,
President, Ron Weiner Services

The tour will include an introductory talk by Dr. Weiner. The tour will include the Cyclotron, Radiochemistry laboratory, and if time permits, the small animal imaging laboratory. The Cyclotron is a device used to make imaging radionuclides. In the Radiochemistry lab these radionuclides are combined with compounds to make radiochemicals (radiopharmaceuticals). These radiochemicals/radiopharmaceuticals are tested on variety of targets in animals that mimic human disease in the small animal laboratory. For example, can a radiochemical detect (image) early onset Alzheimer’s disease which would eventually determine the effectiveness of various interventions. For more information see the Molecular Imaging Center website at: MICwebsite

Biography: Dr. Weiner received his PhD in Bioinorganic Chemistry at the University at Buffalo. A post-doctoral fellowship at Yale introduced him to Nuclear Medicine. He then spent
more than 30 years in hospital Nuclear Medicine, administration, teaching and research at 4 major United States Universities and Australian Government research facility. He recently retired to LA.

RSVP: The tour is free but limited to 12 people, so please RSVP by Monday, July 18th by emailing Nancy Paradiso in the Section Office at office@scalacs.org.

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2016 Election – Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations

The Nominations, Elections and Awards Committee of the Southern California Section is soliciting nominations for the election of 2017 Section officers (Chair-Elect and Secretary), Members of the Executive Committee, and Councilors. If you wish to propose names (including your own) for consideration, please send an email to Nancy Paradiso in the Section Office at office@scalacs.org.

Serving the local section can expand your professional network, as well as enhance your leadership and management skills. We hope to hear from you soon!

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2016-08-17: Brewery Tour and Tasting at Smog City Brewery

Joint Younger Chemists
and Women Chemists Event

Brewery Tour & Tasting

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

7-9 pm

Smog City Brewery
1901 Del Amo Blvd., Ste. B
Torrance, 90501

The perfect Summer Outing! Beer wouldn’t exist without chemistry! Come join your fellow chemists for a tour of the brewing facilities, view a short presentation on the brewing process, and sample some delicious craft beers! There is no cover fee; drinks are $2-$3 for tasters and $6 for pints. Anyone over the age of 21 is welcome to attend.

The tour is limited to 25 people, so please RSVP to Nancy Paradiso in the Section Office at office@scalacs.org by Friday, August 12th if you’d like to attend. For directions, go to http:// www.smogcitybrewing.com/.

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Welcome to the Southern California Section!

This is the website of the Southern California Section of the American Chemical Society. Throughout the year, we have lots of activities posted on this website (see the side bar for upcoming events!) and also printed in our monthly magazine, SCALACS. Please browse our website and see the kinds of events we have for chemists from all walks of life – from academia to industrial chemists.

We have dinner meetings each month throughout the academic year where you can hobnob with other chemists (interesting speakers and great food!). Students can attend the dinner meetings for half the published price with valid ID. If you would like to hear the speaker at a dinner meeting without attending the dinner, just let Nancy Paradiso in the Section Office (310 327-1216 or office-at-scalacs-dot-org) know so we can reserve you a seat. We also have great outreach programs such as National Chemistry Week, Chemists Celebrate Earth Day and the High School Olympiad to share chemistry with upcoming students. We’re always looking for volunteers to help with these important programs.

Members are also invited to attend our Executive Committee Meetings. This is a great way to see our Section governance in action! The Executive Committee Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month (excluding December, June, July and August) at 7:30 p.m. The meetings are held at the Mount St. Mary’s Doheny campus. Please call Nancy at the Section Office for directions and to let her know that you are attending.

We hope to see you soon at an upcoming meeting or volunteering at an outreach event!

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