2005 Paul Groves, South Pasadena High School

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2005 Outstanding High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year
Paul Groves, South Pasadena High School

Lessons from Chemmybear

…Chemistry went from a subject that I had to study in school to something that applied to my life in every way. Suddenly, my perspective on life had (been) altered and had gained depth.
– Angela Chang, former student

I believe that one’s success in life can be measured by how a person is remembered by others. Teaching at the high school level provides the greatest opportunity to positively affect the lives of many young and impressionable minds. With this in mind along with the quote above, it is clear why Paul Groves of South Pasadena High School (of 26 years!) is the recipient of the 2005 Outstanding High School Chemistry Teacher of the Year Award From providing endless examples of how his students could use chemistry on a daily basis to giving his colleagues around the country the tools to make teaching chemistry easier, this Chemmybear never hibernates!

Under his alter-ego’s website (see chemmybear.com), Paul provides a dozen unique resources for both his own chemistry students and to those around the world. From Animated Molecules to AP Chemistry study cards, his site is linked by dozens and dozens of other educational websites citing his amongst the best resources for high school and college level chemistry for students! A dozen more invaluable resources await the professional chemical education enthusiast as well.

Understanding the big picture seems natural to this proud Native American. Amongst the many awards he has already garnered, accomplishments and volunteer efforts in chemical education and within the community, “Paul Groves is a great teacher and person. He remembers the little things that make people feel respected.” – Janet Anderson, Principal at South Pasadena High School. More often than not, it is those little things that really make the difference between being well remembered or not being remembered at all. Judging from the quality of work he has done and the number of lives he has touches, Paul Groves will be one well remembered Chemmybear!

– Paul Shin, Pd.D.
Chair, Educational Affairs Committee